Saturday, June 25, 2011

6/13-6/25 Attempts at running....

Daily Distance: 10.5 m
Time: 1:33.00
Location: Klamath Falls Trails, South Slough Sanctuary Trails, Arizona Canals
Total Miles: 201.00 m
Total Time: 31:17
Total Elevation Gain: 2567 ft

Pictures as well as a run down of my time spent running in Oregon will be provided shortly. I am currently too busy glued to both Twitter and iRunfar's footage of the Western States 100. It's epic stuff!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Superstition Wilderness Pictures

Two Weeks Of Running

Daily Distance: 17.4 m
Time: 3:17.00
Location: Superstition Wilderness; Dutchman Trail, Freemont Saddle, Coffee Flat
Total Miles: 190.50 m
Total Time: 29:44
Total Elevation Gain: 4242 ft

My running life has seemed to gain a little steam over the last few weeks and for this I am very grateful. I have had the opportunity to venture to the trails three times now over the 2 weeks and have had the luxury of finally finding some real elevation gain that is accompanied with vivid scenery and believe it or not even some shade. I finally made my way out to the center of the Superstition Wilderness area, in particular the Peralta Trailhead, and was able to carve out a couple of nice little routes that have left me both in awe of the raw beauty and in pain because of the sheer vertical gain of the treacherous routes that knife like a backbone through the gut of the wilderness. I will post pictures here soon as well as post a more vivid account of the area, the creatures, and the overall experience of the Superstition Mountains. My next post may be after some time considering I will be in Oregon over the next few weeks. Luego with love.