Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Barely Considered Running

Daily Distance: 2.1 m
Time: 17:00
Location: Treadmill
Total Miles: 173.10 m
Total Time: 26:27

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recent Running Escapades

Daily Distance: 9.0 m
Time: 1:29.00
Location: Dreamy Draw Park Trails, Treadmill, South Mountain Park
Total Miles: 171.00 m
Total Time: 26:10

It has been hard to not be super motivated to hit the trails since last Saturdays trail run with Tony Krupicka. It was an experience in itself to get to share a trail with someone who truly inspires me so I just wanted to use that motivation to get back on the trails and follow the example that he re-instilled in my head.

I followed up the trail run with Tony and a couple of miles on the treadmill with a 4 mile inclined run at South Mountain Park. I had originally intended on running a 6 mile loop but after a few miles of intense winds followed by rain and lightning I decided against the extra few miles and descended the crest in the crisp late spring air and avoided the lightning bolts whom watched tucked behind the clouds, mouths salivating. I was a little winded since I hadn't run any uphill stretches like that since the Cave Creek run but all in all it was a decent run that left me satisfied. Hopefully I will get in a long run this weekend.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trail Run W/Anton Krupicka At Dreamy Draw Park

So, after picking up my race packet a few weeks back for the Cave Creek Trail Run at The Runner's Den in Phoenix, I notice on my departure a display for New Balance's new minimalist line of footwear. After checking out the setup I realize through a flier that Anton Krupicka will be in Phoenix on May 14 for a trail run at Dreamy Draw Park followed by a Q & A session followed by an autograph session and showing of the documentary Indulgence back at the store. I could not believe it at first but after realizing that Tony was in fact actually making the trip out to this barren wasteland I was psyched to say the least. In the short time of following the sport and lifestyle of Ultramarathon running I have found most of those involved to be very honest, humble, down to earth folks who for the most part have a very simplistic attitude towards not only running but also to life in general and I think no one exemplifies this more through their actions than Tony. So I was really looking forward to getting to lace 'em up and hit the trails with a huge inspiration of mine.
The first thing that struck me about Tony was his humility. He comes across so honestly in both his calculations of himself as well as the world around him and it seems as though he does it so effortlessly. I found myself more taken in by his thoughts on things outside of the running world than I did with the trivialities of running. But, moving forward we all hit the trails and I soon found myself staring at the back of his singlet which quickly started getting smaller and smaller as the run kicked into high gear. The trail was nice, kind of your classic valley desert trail with some smooth sections and also some more rugged technical strips. All in all it was a decent trail and a beautiful morning for a run. Tony for the most part kept it at a decent pace and at the tail end of the run even stepped off and waited for our group which was about 30 seconds behind the lead group to catch up and then continued on to the trailhead parking lot.
It was surreal getting out there with Tony and sharing with him the mountains that we have here in Phoenix. I cant than him enough for coming out and sharing his time with us, it was a trip. Great day, great run, great guy! Thanks New Balance!

Treadmill monotony....

Daily Distance: 11.9 m
Time: 1:14.00
Location: Track at MCC/Treadmill
Total Miles: 162.00 m
Total Time: 24:41

Dear Trail,
I swear this is the last time I will have an affair with a treadmill. She was not worth it, infact I was bored to death after our initial introduction. Hope you can forgive me.

Sincerely, Logan

Pics From Silly Mountain Run

Just north of the Superstition Freeway is this nice little park that most just drive by without second thought. I however do not drive by, I hang a left and in turn decide to run rampant over its contours. All kidding aside I really do find pleasure in this little mountain. It has some steep stretches as well as some packed nice singletrack. In all it is definitely worth it for someone who just wants to get in a nice vertical run with some scenery. Love it.