Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Month Of Not Much

Location: South Mountain, Pass Mountain, Silly Mountain, Treadmill

Miles: 54.4
Time: 9:46
Vertical Feet: 9,216

My allergic reaction to my blog has renewed my desire to spend time at my keyboards once again. I keep promising myself that I will spend more time documenting my slow, sometimes pitiful advances on the trails yet somehow life gets in the way.
I can honestly say that I am happily free of prior engagements for atleast the next couple of weeks so this should for sure give me a little bit more time to actually reacquaint myself with some actual results in regards to my running, especially volume wise.
I have been able to get out a few times and even took part in a 26k race at Usery Mountain Pass that even further showed my lack of time on the trails when my quads and hamstrings locked up to a standstill 12 miles into it. But I believe I do see some light in the tunnel since I have had a couple of very encouraging runs that reminded me that all the miles over the last year and a half on the trails are finally starting to pay off in a minute kinda way.
I will post some snapshots of the last few weeks of running when time permits but for the time being I just wanted to update my own mind and remind myself that I still have legs that protrude from my lower torso so I might as well use them to move briskly over open terrain.
So, in a hand basket, adios.