Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 6.3 Miles
Location: Papago Park, Tempe
Duration: 58:57
Finish Time: 12:00pm
Monthly Total: 9.3 miles
Yearly Total: 295.3 miles
Yearly Duration: 48.20 hours

My run today was at Papago Park in Tempe. It's nestled between Sky Harbor Intl. Airport and the city of Scottsdale. It felt good to actually get out and run the trails again which this run had, and get some sun and fresh air running through the lungs. It was not too hot, probably 78 or so, so the run could of been extended even longer had I wanted it to. I ran for a little under an hour and my run took me through short up and down packed trails and over rock formations that protrude like monuments in the desert, as well as part of the run leading through a frisbee golf course that seemed to lie in the middle of nowhere. It was a good run that was both scenic and somewhat adventurous since I had no idea where I was for a portion of the run which made it more of an adventure. I seen multiple lizards, ground squirrels, and even a jackrabbit but I was unable to get a snapshot of him which left me a little disappointed. I will post the pics on my next post so you can get an idea of the adventure. I am looking forward to the runs this month.

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