Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 3.0 Miles
Location: Canal, west Mesa
Duration: 26:02
Finish Time: 8:18pm
Monthly Total: 44.9 miles
Yearly Total: 330.9 miles
Yearly Duration: 54.75 hours

So I decided against running at South Mountain today because I may be able to get a good mountain run in when I go north to a town called Jake's Corner up in rim country tomorrow. So I ran along the canal in Mesa in the sweltering 92 degree weather. I must admit that I was not used to the heat whatsoever and it showed immediately. I was drained about a half mile into the run and decided that my ambitious 5 miles was gonna be only 3 today. Also, I am experiencing some knee soreness in my left knee right above the knee cap that has been there for a few days now and seems to be getting worse by the hour. I dont know just yet if I banged it on something or if its from overuse but the next few days should be interesting to see if the pain subsides or if it sticks around. I will keep it posted. I am hoping to have pics from tomorrows trip to the north so I will definitely post them.

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