Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 3.4Miles
Location: South Mountain Park/95 degrees
Duration: 32:11
Finish Time: 11:03am
Monthly Total: 19.4 miles
Yearly Total: 384.00 miles
Yearly Duration: 73.90 hours

Finally today I was able to get outside for some trail running at South Mountain. I took the trail from the Guadalupe/Pima Canyon entrance and soon found that running the trails from that end are not ideal because the map is not accurate which threw off my running route leaving me running down the side of the mountain on two different occasions to connect to a trail that I knew would lead me back to the parking lot. It was hot, 95 degrees, and I decided to not bring water because I thought I had mapped out a good route that would last roughly 45 mins, but in the end I nearly got lost and knew that without water I needed to reconnect to the original trail and get back to the car. Overall though the run was good and I am looking forward to getting back to running on the dirt.

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