Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance:2.2 Miles
Location: Gym/Treadmill
Duration: 16:03
Finish Time: 12:50pm
Monthly Total: 25.1 Miles
Yearly Total: 551.40 Miles
Yearly Duration: 95.50 Hours

Today was a somewhat surprisingly good day, running wise. I was able to PR my mile time with a 5:54 mile. I know, not very impressive considering right? I was mainly surprised because of how much I beat my prior PR(6:10) by and by the fact that I have been in a funk running wise ever since I had the hip and ankle problems these last few months. So in that aspect I was definitely caught off guard. Ill take it though. I got some insoles from RoadRunner Sports that are supposed to correct my ankle problem but as of this first run it did not correct it. I am thinking of returning them and just getting ankle supports for runners as a preventer, I think that will fix my problem. Moving on, hopefully it cools down a bit and I may run tonight also just to catch up, we'll see.

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