Saturday, August 14, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance:7.2 Miles
Location: South Mountain Park/Desert Classic Trail
Duration: 1:13:18
Finish Time: 9:56am
Monthly Total: 38.1 Miles
Yearly Total: 564.40 Miles
Yearly Duration: 97.50 Hours

Today was a train wreck out on the dirt of South Mountain. I knew I would probably be a little tired from little sleep and also the fact that I had run 4.4 miles at 7:50 pace late the night before but little could of prepared me for how drained I became on my run back from the water towers at the park. I started with the intention of running 11 miles, what a joke that was, and ended up scratching and clawing my way to only 7.2, to the water tower and back, but it wasnt just that it was cut short I mean I was physically spent which just shows that I need to get into better shape both physically and mentally as well as bring my nutrition levels up immensely. I cant keep putting myself into positions that I know I can prevent. I know that it has been a long week this week but it is still no excuse for me not eating right, hydrating right and getting enough rest. I need to get my shit together, period.

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