Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance:2.2 Miles
Location: Treadmill
Duration: 20:03
Finish Time: 6:22pm
Monthly Total: 78.8 Miles
Yearly Total: 605.1 Miles
Yearly Duration: 103.40 Hours

This past month was up and down. I started to finally feel healthy on a more constant basis to begin the month and then as the month ended I came down with a severe(which is still with me)case of sleeplessness which doctors so far are unable to diagnose. I have slept an average of about 2 hours per night over the last nearly 2 weeks. This has severely dampened my energy levels, the rest is history. I am hoping to get past this and look forward to upping the mileage and the time over the next month. Wait and see right?

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