Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Running Log

Location:Flagstaff, Az/San Francisco Peaks Trails
Duration: 29:11
Finish Time: 9:43am
Monthly Total: 20.5Miles
Yearly Total: 625.6Miles
Yearly Duration: 106.20 Hours

I am blessed to have the ability to venture north and enjoy with the health I have afforded my body the pleasures of places such as Flagstaff and the outdoor activities it offers. I sometimes sit back and find myself feeling almost unworthy of being in an environment that still remains so raw, beautiful.

After a perfect early morning drive up, cutting through the deserted landscape of central Arizona and into Flagstaff, my brother Sean and I enjoyed the scenery and community that is bustling amongst the streets up there. I knew that it would not be easy to acclimate to the 8000' altitude, especially running in it. So, disregarding that fact I found myself halfway up Mount Elbert which lies in the shadows of towering Humphrey's Peak.

I started my run at about 9500' along a singletrack trail that whirled through thick aspen stands. The air tore at the linings of my lungs leaving me heaving and panting with every second up the ascent. After summiting a particular trailhead I headed back down and veered down another trail to the north. It was a steep, cushioned trail that led to an open field that sported a small meadow nestled in the gut of it. A doe and her children pranced across the open plain to the east and the sun danced off my shoulders. I am not worthy of this I was convinced. It was surreal. 3 miles was enough to drop me to my back, heaving in a wildflower patch so I felt that was adequate. Glorious place.

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