Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 6.0Miles
Location: Mesa Neighborhoods
Duration: 59:27
Finish Time: 9pm
Monthly Total: 49.9Miles
Yearly Total: 718.6Miles
Yearly Duration: 120.50 Hours

My first run in almost a week. I have been super busy the last week and have not had a free hour or two to get out and run. I know, no excuses but I seriously have been swamped. I did get a new pair of trail shoes since the Pegasus' I had were pretty much torn to shreds in my 20 mile hike through Aravaipa Canyon. I got a pair of the New Balance MT101's, a minimal trail racer. So far I like them in the few miles I have managed to put in on the football field nearby. I will get to the mountain sometime this week and put some real miles on them. I did a fairly excruciating hike this weekend that left me drained but I think I should be able to heal up and return pretty quickly. Lets see what happens.

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