Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 Running Log

Location: South Mountain
Duration: 1:06
Finish Time: 5:44pm
Monthly Total: 30.1Miles
Yearly Total: 767.80Miles
Yearly Duration: 128.20 Hours

Ran for 5 and a half at South Mountain on the Mormon/Mormon Loop/National Trails at dusk and I have to say it was beautiful. The weather permitted short sleeve running and the lights flickering in the distance gave me the yearning to want to catch its glimpses from all sides so I jaunted up and down the canyons and basically did one big loop. I heard a pack of coyotes not far off the trail fighting over something atop the Mormon Loop trail. My ankles and quads, etc all held up and the run was finished right at sunset so I avoided the darkness falling on my exploits. I have to marvel at the weather this time of year in Arizona, its stunning. I really want to get out there more but the time constraints with marriage prep, etc has really put a hold on my running. I love this time of year. I promise to post pics soon. P.S. My MT101's are suiting me very well so far, thanks Anton.

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