Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Running Log

Location: South Mountain Park
Duration: 52:31
Finish Time: 10:34am
Monthly Total: 5.6Miles
Yearly Total: 801.90Miles
Yearly Duration: 133.80Hours

As I arrived at the park a few nights back I could not help but notice that I felt alone, desolate, in the parking lot at Pima Canyon. I dont believe I had ever heard it that silent or felt the park that motionless. As I walked towards the trailhead I realized that with the fading sun I would have to be up and down by 5:45pm by my assessments. I was wrong as always because the sun actually set around 5:35, but whats new? Just prior to embarking I had set a unrealistic goal of netting 9 miles before sundown but after a few simple calculations as my shoes were put into motion I realized that I would have to run non stop with no picture, water, or rest breaks just to be down the mountain by 6pm. I scrapped those ridiculous yet highly ambitious plans for another day. Moving forward, literally, the run went ok. I did have a few spells of exhaustion along the run especially at the top of the big hill up on Mormon loop and those kept me in check and reminded me that I had been sick for the past week and had little energy as a result of this. But I made it through the loop in a decent time though I stopped probably a dozen times for snapshots and rest stops but it was worth it because the dusk lay silent and provided a perfect frame to my snaps from atop the mountain. A canary sunset watched me as I approached the parking lot and with a quick glance back I was able to catch it and film it before it fell behind the mountain, the city. Pics provided. Lovely day. Night.

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