Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Run Log

Distance: 9.1m
Time: 1:31.00
Temp: 58'
Location: Gym, track, South Mtn.
Surface: Rubber, dirt
Month/miles: 9.1m
Year/miles: 9.1m
Month/time: 1:31.00
Year/time: 1:31.00

Welcome 2011! Wow, I have never felt like I have more of a clean slate than I do now. So what do I do with it? I run!

Ok, so the first 3 runs of the new year have been mostly disheartening. I had some bad muscle tightness on day 1 at the gym which caused me to step off only 1.6 miles into my run, then I came out sluggish on a day at the track with stairs as an incline test and managed only 3 miles of work there. Finally, I made it out to the mountain only to find my right lower leg tightening up again causing alot of discomfort as well as cutting my running down to the point that I had to walk a significant portion of the loop until I worked out the stiffness and pain. So far my year has been shaky but I am looking forward to getting back on track and finally making the right decisions that will positively affect my running this year.

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