Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silly Mountain Run

Distance: 3.0 m
Time: 30m
Location: Crest, Huff&Puff, Palo Verde, Old Baldy....trails
Total Miles: 120.9 m
Total Time: 19:06

I decided to test my legs and head over to a nice hidden little gem on the north side of the 60 freeway in Apache Junction because I knew it would be a little closer than South Mountain and I had prior commitments later that night so I just wanted to get in a little vertical running and that is exactly what I got. I came to find that Silly Mountain is actually a nice little trail system that wraps in and around the mountain with alot of singletrack as well as some more technical climbs and drops and your average flat trails. It was a beautiful run with multiple trails/options to choose from. That combined with the ideal weather made for a nice, simple little run that left me wanting more. I will be back there soon.

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