Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Total Distance: 2.9 m
Time: 35:00
Location: Treadmill
Total Miles: 241.90 m
Total Time: 38:22

Elevation Gain: 3643 ft

With temperatures looming at the 112 degree mark for basically the last 2 weeks straight my running has been reduced to a trickle. I have found little time with work and other "adult" things clogging my entrance to the awaiting trail. However, a trip to the White Mountains this weekend will hopefully bring atleast one good run on the trails. I have been mainly concentrating on steep runs on the treadmill as I was not too happy with my overall performance on the steeper portions of the Highline Trail that I ran a few weeks back so my main focus has been running at a decent pace for half mile increments of inclines stretching anywhere from 7%-15% on the treadmill. I can honestly say that I would rather run in the open mountain air with the 90 degree sun beating down on me than slugging it out on these damn treadmills at a 15% incline. Ugghh.

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  1. 112 is crazy man. It has at least dipped back into the low 90's here for the past week or so, but still a bit hot. I tend to do hill work on the treadmill as well, because otherwise I'll get so bored and just quit. Enjoy the mountains this weekend.