Thursday, August 4, 2011

Treadmill Monotony

Total Distance: 7.1 m
Time: 1:07
Location: Treadmill(Uphill/Incline)
Total Miles: 230.10 m
Total Time: 36:04
Total Elevation Gain:

This past week showed no signs of cooling down at any point. The low for the week was 106 degrees so my endeavors were forced indoors once again and that partnered with a busy work schedule has seen me only manage 2 days on the treadmill over the past week. Thankfully though the 2 runs were successful in terms of incline running. I was able to maintain both runs at a little over 3 miles each and with significant inclines for the duration of each run. I am happy my endurance going uphill, I just need to find the right time to start making longer runs a staple on the weekends. No excuses. I am looking at maybe going up north to the Mogollon Rim this weekend for a 8 mile run along Christopher Creek. The elevation is about 6500 feet so I should know how my fitness has come along by completing this run since a large portion is on a steady incline. On another note, my nutrition has improved a bit and I think I can feel it in my running. I am noticing that my recovery after these longer uphill runs is progressing to the point that I think I can run alot longer and even at a higher incline with little stress on my muscles, knees, etc.

That is all for now. Hope y'all enjoyed my little piece of ear candy.

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