Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Minimus In The Superstitions

Location: Superstition Wilderness; Dutchman Trail #104, Treadmill

Miles: 14.0
Time: 2:23
Vertical Feet: 1,400+

Dutchman Trail#104-

So I was finally able to head out to the trails in the Shadows of the Superstition's on a weekend instead of the measly 4 mile after work weekday runs that I had been trying to pepper into my already cluttered week and I must say that it was a welcome retreat from the aforementioned endeavors. It was a bit breezy but apart from that it was clear skies and I was feeling pretty good for a bit of a longer trail run to ensue.
The drive there was nice and apart from the fact that there was a couple of bus loads of boy scouts out rummaging through the trails learning the tricks of the mountains, I had a pretty good time getting out into the gut of the trail and delving deep into the canyons, passing Yellow Mountain along the way as well as the vista of the backside of Weaver's Needle. The elevation gain/change throughout the trail is not too significant but it is definitely enough to burn the lungs and fill the legs with lead. After hitting the 4 mile mark I enjoyed the views of the surrounding cliffs and took note of just how quiet this earth is when you let it watch you instead of you watching it.
Dug deep and carved my way out of the maroon canyon and floated back to the truck for a day well spent.
I had eluded before to the Trail Porn from the recent runs and that is no lie but my camera is at my wife's mercy/mother's house and should be getting it by weekend. Hopefully I will have another set of pics by then.

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  1. Living in the east, I relish trail photos of the west..."trail porn" it! Sorry to hear about the Zane Grey. Keep at it.