Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Is Officially Underway

Elev. Gain:1200 ft

Superstition Wilderness
; First Water/Garden Valley

So after missing out on the glorious opening day of the year on the trails I was able to use my extra off day from work to hit the trails on a beautiful mild winter day that lit the trails afire with bright sunlight under a cloudless sky. I only had time for a shorter run since I wanted to make it back into civilization by mid day for the Rose Bowl and that I did with a short but extremely rocky 6 miler that brought me for the first time through Garden Valley which was decorated throughout with crystal clear pools, leftover from the recent snow fall on the upper reaches of the mountains surrounding the area. The trails however along this area are much more suited for hikers and horsemen, which there were plenty of, and this made for a overall slower go at it over the hour or so on the trail.
Overall I am very pleased in what my physical abilities afforded me on this day and am looking forward to a year of pleasing days both on and off the trails. Happy New Years!

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  1. Great first outing of the year. Hope you have many more to come.