Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3/19-4/10 My Biggest Hurdle

Elev. Gain:
YTD Miles:187.1
YTD Time:30:33
YTD Elev.:27,900'

After a nearly five week absence from running today I finally logged a mile on my weary legs. Reason being you say? When I last posted to my blog I had relayed the info that I was in the middle of a bout with insomnia that had resulted in only a few days of sleep over a 2 week span. Well, 2 weeks stretched into 5 weeks which in turn stretched my mind and body into a spiral of confusion and despair that I could find no answer for.
After seeing 3 different doctors and prescribed a plethora of prescription pills, which was my absolute last resort, I finally, on April 5th, found slumber. The reason for the episode is still unknown and something that may take months to cure but I am determined to not only get back to health but also to get back on the road, or should I say trail to running. My goals have been pushed back and nearly wiped clean but I am confident that with a few changes here and there I should be back to my normal self soon.
Well, I guess I am off to bed to try and make up for the 200 hours of sleep I am back logged at the moment. Hopefully I can get caught up by the 2016 Rio Olympics.


  1. Best wishes in health my friend and I hope the slumber is easier to come by.

  2. Thanks William. It's slowly creeping back. Congrats on that last race. Good to see your progression. I know you are a busy man so it cannot come easy. Rest easy and may the trails be long and pine cushioned.