Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 4.0 miles
Location: South Mountain Park/Mormon&National Trails
Duration: 40:30
Finish Time: 3:18pm
Monthly Total: 22.3 miles
Yearly Total: 238.00 miles
Yearly Duration: 40.15 hours

Finally got out to the beautiful South Mountains for a day of floating up and down the red packed dirt. My brother Brian and I hiked the Mormon Loop trailhead at 24th Street and Baseline Roads and proceeded to carve up through National Trail for 4 miles of easy running. The sun and lack of water(stupid me) both played a role in the shortened distance overall, as well as Brian wasn't feeling the run, but I pushed through to the last lookout spot before Buena Vista Lookout. I have come to the conclusion that I actually seem to enjoy running in the heat that looms over this valley so I told myself that I need to get used to running with a CamelBak from here on out on these longer runs to ensure that I have the fluids to continue on these ambitious runs that I seek. It was a good day to say the least.

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