Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 2.0
Location: Gym
Duration: 15:48
Finish Time: 6:43pm
Monthly Total: 43.4 miles
Yearly Total: 259.1 miles
Yearly Duration: 43.00 hours

Today's run was basically a worthless waste of time. I was gonna go for a 10k and it turned out my legs were not up for the task whatsoever. After 2 miles I was struggling badly. My shins and my feet acted up shortly after the run started and it continued to the point that I told myself "enough" and I called it a day after the 2 miles. I think I overdid myself yesterday with a day of tennis and the gym which caused the overuse that was also still lingering from the saturday race. I will be in better shape tomorrow for sure and should get in a 10k with a decent time. Ill keep you posted.

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