Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 Pat's Run/Tempe

Distance: 4.2
Location: Tempe, AZ
Duration: 30:53
Finish Time: 7:46am
Monthly Total: 41.4 miles
Yearly Total: 257.1 miles
Yearly Duration: 42.75 hours

Today was the 6th annual Pat's Run in Tempe, Arizona. Overall it was a very good day for running, cool, dry, and no mishaps course wise. I set a goal of under 30 minutes for the race basing that on prior runs where I was able to eclipse that elusive 30 minute barrier. I was unable to replicate that today unfortunately after clocking in at 30:53. I cant complain too much other than that I may have set a goal that was a little unrealistic at this point. I did underestimate an incline/hill that popped up about 2 miles into the run and that took a little more energy from my legs than I had anticipated but other than that I think I just ran a little uninspired for the most part. My trail/treadmill running has spoiled me and I believe that that had a little effect on my performance since I was used to the softer surface(I hate running through the concrete jungles) but that is something that I have to always take into consideration when running, no excuses! My pace came out to 7:21 and I really would have like to be around 7:05 so I definitely have some disgust running through my veins since I dont have any real excuses for my sub-par performance, but oh well I will just keep on hitting the trails and keep on enjoying the adventure. I am gonna probably go to South Mountain tomorrow for a run and hopefully I will get some better pics of the scenery this time out.

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