Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 3.0
Location: Rob's House
Duration: 22:24
Finish Time: 8:12pm
Monthly Total: 53.3 miles
Yearly Total: 269 miles
Yearly Duration: 44.10 hours

Decided to stay at my friend Rob's house for the night and ran on his treadmill for a 3 mile clip. I pushed for the first mile and got a PR of 6:10. I think if I had a more technical game plan for the mile than I could sneak under 6 minutes a little easier. Overall though it was a pretty easy run that was not too taxing on the legs. I am gonna be up north in Prescott this weekend and am planning on doing atleast one trail run up there in the pines. I am interested in seeing how the run will go at an elevation of 4,000 feet which is what Prescott sits at. I have never really tried running the trails at that altitude so I am curious and looking forward to the fresh air and open trails. I will post some pictures and give a update possibly tomorrow night. My logging is going good this past week but I need to step it up and do a couple of longer runs to get a little caught up and stay on track for the year.

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