Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Running Log/Prescott Trip

Distance: 1.75 Miles
Location: Prescott, Arizona/Thumb Butte
Duration: 18:25
Finish Time: 3:12pm
Monthly Total: 55.05 miles
Yearly Total: 270.75 miles
Yearly Duration: 44.40 hours

As promised I headed up to Prescott, Arizona to hang out with my good friend Jon and also checkout the Whiskey Row Mountain Bike Race and I had a great time. Aside from the traffic jam that pushed me back about 20 mins or so the drive up was nice. Along Highway 17 on the way up to Prescott there is a picturesque rest area known as Sunset Point which is known for its amazing sunsets(obviously) but today it was known for its blooming wildflowers that burst from the ground like wildfire's. The scene was surreal and made the previous traffic jams dissolve in my memory. I was able to only get a short run in on Saturday at a local hiking monument known as Thumb Butte, situated squarely in downtown Prescott. After finding the park I discovered the trailhead and decided to hit the trail quickly since I knew I was strapped for time. It was only a 1.75 mile loop that conquered the peak of the butte and came down the backside and looped back to the parking lot. It was a little hot and only a few minutes into the run I realized that I am in no way shape or form ready for running at 5,000' of altitude. And to make things worse the trail covers almost 700 feet of elevation over only .80 miles to the peak. My lungs and legs burned with displeasure but I pushed through and was able to take in the breathtaking vista's that lie atop the mountain, including the snow capped peaks from a late spring snow flurry that swung through on thursday. It was beautiful, but I must admit I was glad to get back down to the 4,800 foot altitude level. I snapped some pics which I will post here soon. Great run, great time.

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