Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 3.3 Miles
Location: South Mountain Park/Mormon Loop and National Trails
Duration: 31:27
Finish Time: 6:26pm
Monthly Total: 18.6 miles
Yearly Total: 304.6 miles
Yearly Duration: 49.35 hours

Today I ran at South Mountain for a few miles with my friend Nate. It was quite a challenging run that had a little technical as well as vertical, elevated stretches that definitely left me winded in the end. I took a right at the "Y" atop Two Peaks at the top of the Mormon Trailhead and took the Mormon Loop trail this time around instead of my usual run up through National Trail. It was well worth the changeup because it was a beautiful pathway with alot of steep climbs and narrow singletrack trails. I even came across a pretty good size coyote atop one of the first accents, he looked, smiled and went on his way. Nathan and I wanted to get in a good few miles to be back down for the Suns game so I had to cut it a little short but it ended up being very effective and it was a great time in the 98 degree weather.

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