Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 4.5 Miles
Location: Oracle, Arizona/Mt. Lemmon
Duration: 50:00
Finish Time: 3:56PM
Monthly Total: 7.5 Miles
Yearly Total: 456.20 Miles
Yearly Duration: 84.70 Hours

This past three day weekend myself and Michelle's family traveled to the town of Oracle which is a little northeast of Tucson for a Fourth of July excursion at their timeshare they own in the area. I was able to get out and get a refreshing trail run in at the summit of Mt. Lemmon and it was quite a treat. I had never been to Mt. Lemmon so I knew I would enjoy it based solely on that aspect but that along with the long scenic drive to the top to the town of Summerhaven was purely awesome. I was able to run from the ski lift drop spot a few miles from the summit, up along a packed gravel road with a very steep grade. I was encouraged by my stamina especially considering I had never run at any altitude even close to 9000'. The vistas up top were unreal and kept the pain of the run at a minimum. My quads were gone once I had gotten to the summit but the sheer beauty of the run was well worth it. At the top we hiked 3 miles round trip in what also would have been almost perfect trails down to Lemmon Rock and a bypass of the Arizona Trail. I will never forget the preserved beauty of Mt. Lemmon. Hope for more of these adventures soon.

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