Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 Running Log

Distance: 10.3 Miles
Location: Mesa/Tempe, streets, canals 107 degrees
Duration: 1:40
Finish Time: 8:07PM
Monthly Total: 17.8 Miles
Yearly Total: 466.50 Miles
Yearly Duration: 86.30 Hours

I decided to try my hand at catching up in the month today so I put in 10.3 miles throughout the cities of mesa and tempe. I felt ok other than the fact that I got multiple rashes on my legs and upper armpits from rubbing for over an hour and a half. I felt good for stretches but I will admit that I was physically drained the last few miles and need to improve. It was 107 degrees when I started the run so that had to play a big part, and I ran out of water before the midway point but all in all I realized that I just need to get my stamina and endurance back in order to do these longer runs without killing my body. I will push forth and I will get it back.

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