Monday, January 31, 2011

Cough Syrup Run/3.1 miles

Distance: 3.1 m
Time: 29:00
Location: Mesa Canals and streets
Total Miles: 74.2 m
Total Time: 12:12

Decided to keep up with the green initiative and run to the neighborhood Target for some cough syrup for Michelle whom was feeling under the weather and it ended up being a nice little night jog that worked out some of the junk I had eaten earlier in the day. Legs felt good, kept the heart down. Good day. For the month my numbers are a little low but not too bad. I will admit that I have been a very busy bee this month with the wedding and some other days that were just unrunable unfortunately. But as I see it I believe that this coming month should see an increase in mileage as well as a couple of exotic runs sprinkled in throughout the month. Exciting.

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