Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shirtless South Mtn. Run in 42 Degree Weather

Distance: 8.1 m
Time: 1:20
Location: South Mountain Park/Desert Classic Trail
Total Miles: 82.3 m
Total Time: 13:32

I decided to brave one of the coldest days in the state this year and go for a long vertically challenged run off of one of the steepest canyon trails at the mountain this afternoon. It was steep, it was jagged, and it was beautiful. It is so relieving to find a new trail that challenges my body and mind. Its shocking to not know what is coming around the next corner, and exciting. After dropping down into the steep abyss off of the main roadway(Summit Road)it is pretty much a straight drop of about 500 feet over about 8 tenths of a mile. It then flattens into a open trail that hugs the adjacent neighborhood for a few miles before climbing up and away and harpoons east like a bullet. I felt good and also found a great rhythm which I firmly believe was because I could not get a lot of feeling in my limbs because of the cold weather. I was able to push and finally sprint up outta the canyon at under ten minute pace which made for a personal victory. Love it. Off to Vegas. Red Rocks?

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