Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Run Log

Distance: 13.1m
Time: 2:03:21
Location: Desert Classic Trail, South Mountain Park
Surface: Technical Trail/MT 101's
Month/miles: 25.2m
Year/miles: 25.2m
Month/time: 4:03.00
Year/time: 4:03.00

I was elated to find myself for the first time since the PF Chang's Marathon enjoying a runner's high of some sort. I set out this morning to do a make up run for calling out of the Xterra race that was to be held in the White Tank Mountains to the northwest of me, and what I ended up finding was one hell of a reserve in my running tank. I decided against going up and doing the National/Mormon loop run and instead headed out to the looping, winding Desert Classic Trail that outlines the southern boundary of the range, hugging Ahwatukee. It was an awesome run from the start, well save for the Jumping Cholla cactus that decided to jump on and be my pacer for the first 200 meters or so of my run. Other than that short nightmare I was able to enjoy a splendid day in the sun. I sauntered up and down the dirt track gliding past mountain bikers, hikers, and an occasional few other runners and pushed through a couple of tough spots to a personal best in both distance and overall time for the half marathon distance. I had never gone more than 12.6 miles on the trails and also I had never given a honest effort in a half marathon so this was definitely a huge success. I felt like I could of easily got under 2 hours and mentally I held up great. I cant wait for the next challenge awaiting me.

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