Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daily Run Log

Distance: 6.0m
Time: 1h 4m
Location: Desert Classic Trail/SMP
Surface: Trail
Month/miles: 35.2m
Year/miles: 35.2m
Month/time: 5:47.00
Year/time: 5:47.00

Headed out to SMP for a 6 miler with Aaron a friend of mine. Early on it felt like it was gonna be a nice, energy filled run but I found myself somewhat run down after a few miles on the trail. It felt like I re-aggravated a soft bruised spot on the ball of my left foot which caused a little discomfort throughout the run but for the most part I really just wanted to get out and show the trail to Aaron who had never spent any time on a trail before. I feel like I may have caused a little extra stress throughout the run from holding back my pace but it is all good. Hope to post soon.

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