Monday, February 14, 2011

Distance: 8.0 m
Time: 1:15
Location: South Mountain; Desert Classic Trail
Total Miles: 96.4 m
Total Time: 15:28

Running the mountain was more than I had bargained for on this sunday afternoon. I went awry with deciding to drink a Muscle Milk for my morning energy and then wash that down with some diluted orange juice and then hit the road to the west. By the time I hit the trail, or about 1 mile into the run, my stomach started acting up like I had never felt before. It was a painful feeling almost and I knew something was wrong. After making a pitstop and watering and fertilizing the bushes I felt better and continued on for my 8 mile jog, down from the 13 I had originally been working towards. The run was very sub-par and I made it back in a paltry 1:15 mins. I had hoped for a sub 7 minute 4 miles out to the water tanks and then I figured I would take it easy at about 9 minute pace coming back. Not happening. Maybe wednesday, we will see.

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