Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1

Elev. Gain:1,000'
YTD Miles:85.30
YTD Time:14:17
YTD Elev.:13,300'

Superstition Wilderness/Dutchman Trail-

My friend Nathan and I decided to head out to the trailhead after work so that he could scope out the trail for a possible hike with his "Old Lady" this weekend. I figured I would go out for only 5 miles since he was still basically a newbie to running and the trails in general in this area so I just stuck to a decent speed and wound my way through my afterwork hotspot all while catching the views out my peripheral. I really do love the calm that surrounds this stretch of trail, it is unparalleled. Soon after a run with no mishaps we were back at the truck making our way down the dusty road back into civilization. I sometimes wonder why I go back to civilization.

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