Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Month Of January

Elev. Gain:700'
YTD Miles:80.10
YTD Time:13:25
YTD Elev.:12,300'

Mesa Canal System-

So my goal of reaching 100 miles for the month was not met because of a few stretches of very little running which I can only blame myself for. The month started off very promising with a few longer runs(for me atleast) and some decent vert. But towards the middle of the month I found myself not scheduling in my normal mid length runs and a few longer weekenders and before I know it my month was a little disappointing. I understand that life comes first but I do blame myself mostly for not prioritizing something that I find so fulfilling.

Meanwhile, I ended the month with a nice 6 miler on the gravel pathway alongside the freeway, doesn't that sound like a great running destination? I decided to pick up the pace a bit just to see where I was physically and ended up with a 8:15 pace over the 6 miler with not too much effort so that was a good sign. I am hoping that my fitness progresses to the point that I can enjoy maybe a 20 miler this coming month at some point so I can really see where I am in the big scheme.

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