Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Slow But Steady

Elev. Gain:2,100'
YTD Miles:216.6
YTD Time:35:12
YTD Elev.:31,700'

5/2/2012-South Mountain- Decided against staying home and taking it easy and made my way out to South Mountain for a run in the low 90 degree temps. Ran my normal 5k loop at a noticeably slower pace than normal. The heat did play a part but mostly just sluggish. My Garmin dying a mile into the run did not help mentally. Hills really took the wind out of my sail also on this day.

5/6/2012-Canal- I had an opening on Sunday so I decided to test my legs on the canal in Chandler on a muggy mid nineties day. Not a good idea. I knew from the start that I was a bit dehydrated and unenergized, but that never keeps me from making a dent so I pounded the dull as ever canal in a brisk pace for 4 miles. I found myself bent over and heaving 3 times over the short run which goes to show that pace and heat are not in the cards for me right now. I know I have a long road back to where I was in the last year but this was not a day to remember.

5/7/2012-Roads- I had the time to get a few miles under the belt so I hit the frontage road next to the house for a few miles in the dim light at dusk. Kept a good pace but was a little drained in all.

5/9/2012-South Mountain-Luckily I had more time to spare so I headed out to South Mountain in the rain soaked skies for what was to be a pretty nice little jaunt. Though the lightning bolted from the blanketed skies throughout I was able to make my loop with a small add on at a brisk, comfortable pace. The trails were nice and packed with the rainfall prior and during, and the brisk winds kept the temp well below normal, probably 65 or so. Legs and mind felt good throughout. Good day on the trails.

I know that my running will be affected by my sleeping disorder and the aftermath for quite some time but I hope that the soothing affects of my time on the trails and all the positives I am able to derive from it will speed up my recovery as well as the road to wellness moving forward in my life. I am grateful for everyday I wake energized and healthy and I can fully appreciate the little things which I took for granted in my past life. My life is enriched by the simple fact that my insomnia provided enlightenment in an area with which darkness crept before. I am grateful for the lessons and plan to learn to live by these experiences.

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