Thursday, March 1, 2012

February By The Numbers

Elev. Gain:700'
YTD Miles:166.3
YTD Time:27:13
YTD Elev.:25,400'

February Totals:

February I will admit may have been one of my most consistent months I have ever had in terms of days spent on the trails as well as quality of time spent on said trails. I had a few longer runs peppered in with some nice climbs on the shorter outings with it all coming on close to perfect conditions both in the skies and on the ground. I still find myself sometimes going out with insufficient fluid levels or nutrition levels and trying to make something happen and this is not only ruining the present outing but also it has affected the days preceding it and this must stop. I have tried to make both mental and physical notes of some of my downfalls I have encountered on the trails to prepare myself for some of my loftier goals in the future. I must learn from these if I really plan on trying my hand at a more competitive side of running. I think it is definitely on the horizon, I just have to keep working hard and smart and it will arise.

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